Treasure Hamper

Combo Cakes and Flower

Product Contains

  • Candle 1 Pc
  • Bakingo Choco Cookie Jar1 Pc
  • Bakingo Almond Cookie Jar1 Pc
  • Thankyou Card 1 Pc
  • Pink Rose Bouquet 1 (6 Roses)
  • Wooden Basket 1 Pc
  • 7. Bamboo Plant 1 Pc

Our exquisite hamper, the embodiment of wholesomeness, affection, and elegance, will enchant you. This divine ensemble includes a candle that casts a mesmerizing glow, creating a serene atmosphere. Indulge in the divine decadence of our Bakingo choco and almond cookie jars, which are bursting with heavenly flavors that tempt the taste buds. Our thank-you card is embellished with love and captures heartfelt emotions, expressing gratitude beyond words. Accept the delicate allure of the pink rose bouquet, a symbol of love and admiration, expertly arranged to captivate the senses. Discover the essence of tranquillity with a lush bamboo plant, symbolizing prosperity and positivity, nestled within a charming wooden basket. 

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