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Anniversary Flowers

Product Contains

  • 10 Sweet Avlanche Rose
  • 5 Spray Carnation
  • 5 Alstromeria
  • 2 Gypso stem
  • 2 Ming Fern stem
  • 1 Oasis
  • 1 Green Jar
This floral ensemble captures the essence of sheer elegance, draped in nature's opulence. Sweet Avalanche Roses, with their whispers of ethereal beauty, intertwine with Spray Carnations' delicate playfulness. Alstroemeria, the flower of wealth and prosperity, dances in Gypso's dreamy embrace. Ming Fern adds an essence of everlasting love with its verdant charm. All of these floral wonders transform into a poetic ode to life's finest moments, making it an impeccable tribute to love and celebration when cradled in a serene green jar.

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