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Anniversary Flowers

Product Contains

  • 5 Purple Carnation
  • 5 White Rose
  • 4 Asiatic lilly Orange stem
  • 5 Aster
  • 5 Yellow Button Daisy
  • 3 Eucolyptus
  • 1 Kamini
  • 2 Wheat grass
  • 1 Yellow Jar

Take a look at this premium bouquet, a work of art of nature's finest: Purple Carnations, White Roses, Asiatic Lily Orange, Aster, Yellow Button Daisies, Eucalyptus, Kamini, and Wheatgrass, all artfully arranged in a yellow jar. Allow this captivating ensemble to convey your deepest feelings. And bestow the enchantment of these blooms on those you care about, brightening their special day with nature's vibrant beauty. 

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