Butterscotch Cake N Money Plant

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Plants Combo

Product Contains

  • Half kg Butterscotch Cake
  • Money Plant In Tapper Pot

Indulge in a sublime fusion of flavors and aesthetics with our delectable Butterscotch Cake, accompanied by a Money Plant nestled in a chic white Tapper pot. Delight your taste buds as they dance with delight as you savor each sumptuous layer of our decadent Butterscotch Cake, adorned with a seductive caramel drizzle. A resplendent Money Plant, renowned for its air-purifying abilities and symbolic allure of good fortune, is nestled alongside this culinary masterpiece. This enchanting duo, housed in an elegant white Tapper pot, is an exquisite gift for any occasion or a captivating addition to elevate your own abode. 

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