Wimbis cake was established in 1993 to bring the bona fide taste of fresh premium baked products.

We have a wide variety of proprietary cakes, Fresh cream cakes, shape cakes and a variety of products such as savories, snacks and mouth-watering pastries, Wimbis cake is making special occasions memorable every day to our customers. We are also specialized in Designer Cakes, Wedding Cakes, photo cakes and Birthday, Cakes and cakes of any shape you can think of.

We prepares a variety of yummy cakes to commemorate your different occasions. With the sole objective of making your most cherished moments memorable ones. One of the key factors in the wimbis cake’s prosperity has been its ethos that cakes taste best when they’ve been naturally heated utilizing the very same fixings and methods as those utilized in home preparing. Consequently, every single Wimbis bakery branch has its own kitchen and a group of occupant master pastry specialists and cake decorators.

Wimbis is mainly focused on quality, consistency, customer satisfaction and having maintained these three aspects in the past 30 years.This process helps us to transform into a premium Brand, loved by its customers at really affordable prices.We are not only bakers ,but also wholesale distributors who distributes the quality bake products to our retailers. Our products are baked in ISO 22000:2005 certified factories and with its focus on quality standards and all safety measures and tasty treats to our customers freshly every day.

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